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The Toughest Vulnerability 

Protective glasses film
Electric motor

This work not only critiques the phenomenon of self-exploitation in a neoliberal economy, where individuals must adapt to socio-economic development, but also highlights the concept of psychopolitics. Through the use of its own particularity and universality materials as a metaphor, this work examines how authorities constantly evoke spiritual crises and historical traumas to generate economic benefits.

It is evident that in this collective activity of continuous exploitation and manipulation, where individuals are unable to escape from the reality of collectivization, their constant self-compromise, self-exploitation, and self-reinvention render them more susceptible to the power structures that serve economic and political purposes.

This never-shattering protective film is often used to protect the screens of high-tech products and is extremely practical in life. This material born in Chinese factories, which can be fragmented but always remain unified and intact in its external form, are highly similar to the tactics used by the government in China under the accelerationist society.


The government exploits the national inferiority complex and the trauma of China's cultural invasion to stimulate the manifestation of an absolute, highly unified nationalist ideology, which in turn leads to rapid economic development and a short-lived sense of material satisfaction, followed by new self-exploitation. As a result of this constant evocation of trauma, society as a whole appears to have a high degree of unity and integrity, but is in fact internally divided.

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