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ins: CCTV.china
social  media performances 

This work started from the abbreviation “CCTV”, which stands for both China Central Television and Closed-Circuit Television. CCTV (China Central Television) has long been the main source of information for people in China. Also, in the age of big data, personal information and privacy have been highly monitored by the government. Besides, China is one of the few countries where people can’t access all foreign sites freely, which also greatly manipulates the information that people can reach. The information has been censored and interpreted by the power to affect people’s thoughts. The Internet has never been the land of freedom in China.
So I started from this phenomenon by using symbolization

I registered an Instagram account named “CCTV.china” to publish images taken by CCTVs (closed-circuit televisions) all over China. The account shows the action of monitoring, while it’s being “monitored” by other Instagram users. It also means to discuss the relationship of surveillance in a highly centralised country like China. 
Even, as the social network collects and monitors the data of users, has individual become a piece of data while we’re sourcing data from other people? 

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