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Kexin Hong was born in China, lives and works in the Netherlands, as a multidisciplinary artist, she employs a variety of media including, video, sculpture, and digital fabrication as tools to explore political issues on digital platform and sociology. 


Kexin Hong is fascinated by the boundaries between reality and virtuality, as well as the real and the imaginary; how the institutions of power in the digital age deploy political images and gaze relations to progressively dissolve the perception of the subjectivity of the self. Her research is geared from the perspective of psychoanalysis and sociology, dissecting the gaze relationship between subject and object in the digital age, and questioning how the mechanism of self-exploitation is manipulated by the enormous production machine in digital platforms such as social media. In other words, she intends to investigate how political images achieve a fictional “authenticity” while affirming themselves in reverse.

Employee Experience:


2018  Graphic Designer Assistant, Brownie Studio, Shanghai, China

2019  Live Photographer, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2019 - 2021  Graphic Designer/Art Director, the Output, Shanghai, China

2017-  Model / Performer — Gucci/Vogue China/Versace/Adidas/NIKE/ Ximon Lee, etc.

Press Coverage:

2022  Metropolis M - Review

2021 Numero China  - Personal Interview

2020 The WOW Magazine Issue3 -Interview

2018 NYLON China April Magazine Cover

NYLON selects 99 young people with the most NYLON genes from the fields of fashion, music, humanities, arts, sports, etc., to represent Nylon and showcase their talents and collective spirit.





2023  “ Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” ,W139, Amsterdam

2023  “ Staff Only”, Portal Park Online Residency, MaMA, Rotterdam

2023  “ Staff Only”, Portal Park Online Rescidency, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

2023  “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” Refraction Group show, BAK, Utrecht

2022  Temporary Takeover Educational residency, Casco Institute, Utrecht

2022   Spatial Negativity and Hijacks through Hybrid Materiality, Summer Academy, Austria

2022  Upstream Gallery BYOB group exhibition, Amsterdam

2021  “Rear/Real” , Tproject Hangzhou Sangshang Art, China

2020  GLOW SHENZHEN 2020 VI design, Guangzhou k11, China

2019  “0am/12pm” ,Tiaoshui Gallery, Shanghai, China

2019  “Rebirth”, Bananafish Gallery, Shanghai,China

2019   “Rebirth”, Fluid Borders Art Fair, New Zealand

2018 “Situational Anomie in 4’50”, NonDual, United Kingdom

2018 “Blue Apple” Nowness Art Film, Guangzhou K11, China

2018  Performer, “Asia One” by CAO FEI

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