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Scorching Whispers
Video Installation    5’10



What are we really losing as this rapidly changing aesthetic technology overruns our lives? Are we giving those losses enough time to mourn? Or do we not even recognize what we have lost because of the rapidity of change and the numbness of our senses?
People's cognitive capacity as a critical strategy in politics at the moment.

In Lacan's terms, it narrates a “missed encounter” with the reality that, because it is missed, can only be repeated. The repetition of the scenes is dedicated to realize them, not to simulate them, much less to derealized them.
The destructive effect of fire exists only in the real world, just as it scorches people when they touch it. Once it is transformed into a digital form, it is robbed of its most potent properties and transformed into a singular visual effect. But due to the character of Hyperaesthesia of social media, people have numbed in the long stretch of the informational flood.

In this work, I inputted a poem about fire into an AI generator. The generator then collected and analyzed my words as input information to generate its own visual scenario. However, due to the continuous stream of AI-generated images and the viewer's perception of trying to discern the content of each frame, the viewer's sensitivity becomes completely numbed. This silencing effect creates an ideal condition for a certain form of propaganda that aims to induce a systemic level of blindness in opponents, making it difficult for people to see and understand what is happening to them by inundating them with too many signals at once.

Furthermore, this collecting behavior, dissecting the structure of language and fabricating virtual situations, is highly reminiscent of how propaganda exploits the cognitive capacity of the public to construct its own ideology. This unseen virtual data generator operates silently, like a flame, forcing individuals to become fuel and then coalescing into a collectivity of narratives.


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