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Unacknowledged Loss
Audio/ online performance vis WhatsApp


The concept of unacknowledged loss stems from the psychological term of Disenfranchised Grief, which refers to the deprivation of citizenship rights. This type of loss is invisible and can be challenging to identify, often accompanied by depression, indescribable pain, and suppressed emotions that are difficult to mourn. It can be challenging to articulate precisely what has been lost, and small emotions may go unnoticed until they become a hybrid of emotions, leading to breakdowns.Mourning is a natural way for humans to express sadness, but due to the ambiguous nature of the subject and the unacknowledged loss, it can be challenging to cope with. Additionally, the fast pace of society means that we are constantly losing and gaining, and others may criticize and mock our fragility and worthiness of sadness.However, it is essential to recognize that fragility is a part of human nature. This work can be played anywhere, at any time, and is an ordinary moment, just like the moment when emotions arise. The audio includes the sound of a keyboard and dialogue from a machine. During the brief pause between the keyboard sounds, we automatically imagine our question based on the previous answer, which is related to each individual's subconscious and the loss of that moment. Interestingly, the answer is actually the question itself, as I am using real-time translation software to type in Chinese and play it in English.

Therefore, when we imagine the question, we have already heard the answer, and the imagination itself is the result.Ultimately, the loss can even be a gain.


Loss is even a gain.

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