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Nature View
installation/ AI System/ Video

When the surveillance is collecting images and monitoring people’s behaviors, it becomes the best artist.
This work combines the real-time surveillance images and natural landscapes, in order to discuss the boundaries between nature and technology, as well as the authenticity of images.

All the images are taken from the natural scenes captured in real time by the surveillance cameras. Each image has its precise time, which proves the authenticity of the image.

However, when the natural scenes are captured, due to the glitches of the device, the real-time images are revised. It turns out that the glitch image and the natural scenes are combined and transferred at the same time, which leads to the unreal real-time images.

The combination of surveillance and real scenes enables me to question the authenticity of images, while seeking the natural aesthetics under the “control” of technology.

The screen on the right shows a live cctv scene, whereas the screen parallel to it displays a live but non-real picture composed by the artist 'CCTV'. The unreal image itself deconstructs the monitoring video image, and the AI recognition system makes a secondary commission on this glitchy image for imagery recognition. In consequence the two screens form a closed narrative and self-directed heterotopia in relation to themselves








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