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Whose craft crafting aircraft?

Deconstructed lcd TV screens/ plastic / indium tin oxide/ glass/ Aluminum


Absolute transparency fabricates fiction, where it dissolves in the dimension of obscurity The fantasy does not lie beneath the obscurity. It is the angle of this swerve that then holds these bodies together. It spaces transparency, rather than hiding within them; it is among them, their consistency, the affinity they have for one another.

The semiconductor chip has become an indispensable component of digital devices in the digital age, structuring the entire electronic system with its own non-linear, rhizome structure. Its irreplaceability and technological typology form an inevitable political semiology while determining the future direction of military digital power and the technology industry.

The authority of centralism stems from values that can be easily manipulated on digital media platforms. Taiwan has the most advanced chip factory in the world (TSMC); in a period of political tension between China and Taiwan, a CGI team from mainland China employs Minecraft as a medium to create a virtual aircraft carrier film. After the film went online, Because of the illegible authenticity of the virtual material, the government successfully exploited this property for its own military-political propaganda purposes, and the apparatus of state power subliminally used this accurate rumor to incite some populists to construct new constitutional propaganda on virtual online platforms. 

本件作品的灵感来自于一张由游戏 Minecraft 所制造的虚假的航空母舰图像。该图像一经发布就被各大新闻媒体误以为真并进行传播,而在传播的过程中人们逐渐开始质疑图片的真实性,最终该图片的制作团队进行声明这张图片为合成图片。该虚假图片虽然被证实了其虚假性,但在其传播过程中的影响力为政治宣传奠定了一定的基调。



即这种将所有内部结构暴露在外的‘ 绝对透明’ 是否成为了一种新的政治宣传手段? 我们的想象与虚构性是否被这种危险的透明性引领至一个早已预设好的结局之中?


If data can predict which product you prefer, obviously it can sieve which types of information will gain your trust. The first step is getting your trust, the next will be fabricating each piece of information so that it is acceptable and then targeting you in the other direction which is subject to their political achievement. 

That is exactly what is my work saying, The content of this work is about aircraft carriers which release in June. This is a fake animation created by the Minecraft game. But later on, it is regarded as a real vessel due to the times is situate in the intense period between China and Taiwan.  Although the film was later proved to be fake, the impact of the film in its dissemination was much greater than the image itself. the image becomes a symbol being sensed by people, then it anchors in people’s unconscious behavior which has the capacity to influence the next person.

Here is a fascinating phenomenon that happened, Minecraft is famous for its pixel aesthetics, but in this picture, people are hard to according to this aesthetics to recognize its authenticity. We paid our attention to the procedure, also this attention could be computational, in identifying pixel arrangements that fall out of a pattern or that observe too regularly. It can also occur in intuitive human awareness to uncanny gestures, fakes not yet good enough to fool the brain.

In turn, the 'too-good-to-be-true' absence of such clues, when a video has been carefully doctored to hide its manufacture, may also sometimes be a sign of the ecology of mediations in operation.

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